Volakas Marble Quarries

The quarrying activities of the Volakas area date back to the previous century, still many details are unknown about the first modern quarrying initiation. The recent modern history of Greece in the region of Macedonia though has just completed its first century of freedom from the Ottoman Turks and because these areas were troubled many details will remain in history. There are conclusive ancient elements in ruins which prove that the ancient Macedonian Greek people were indeed aware of the unique Volakas marble and trading it 2500 years ago, almost in the same manner as the Thasos Snow White Marble.

Greco Marble SA, reaching almost a half century of successful cooperation with quarries and raw production of the Volakas white marble, has acquired exclusivity on selected quarries in order to address targeted quality control and make the best proposal to diverse project and customer demands. We understand that not only distance and communication prevents one from visiting the beautiful mountains where the Volakas white marble is extracted, so we are in position to embrace all the needs of a project and fill the gap between the end-customer and nature.

We are visiting the Volakas mountains regularly and purchase the best of Volakas Blocks and in our premises you can find blocks and slabs in all qualities of the Volakas white marble.
Thus, proceeding with a project, our top priority is to extract all the requested material from blocks obtained from one quarry, to ensure linearity.

Volakas white marble quarries

Please see below our exclusive references of Volakas white marble quarries.

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From Volakas White Marble Quarries directly to our production for processing.

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