Volakas White Marble Selections

Welcome to the analytic presentation of our collection in Volakas White marble.

Many people consider Greece a blessed place on earth, in our profession the stone industry the treasures we discover underground are invaluable, having the most white marbles and with different white marble patterns depicts the ideal gift to the hardworking people.

When choosing the ideal white marble for your needs the Volakas marble implies elegance, luxury and sophistication. Some call it the Carrara of Greece, a characterization rather unfair if you consider that there are many different types of Volakas marble and each year based on the high demands new quarries are established and more types are added. Also a secret detail, the Volakas marble quality characteristics are very strong.

Greco Marble SA with a presence of almost 40 years in the Greek marble industry is gazing into the future, making new collaborations and establishing a new supply chain of the wonderful Volakas marble. We are honored to be part of the evolution of the Greek marble industry, with exports almost to anywhere in the world and clients such as Zaha Hadid Architects, we are confident to say that we deliver only the best Greek white marble.

Volakas white marble collection

Please scroll through our Volakas marble collection and see the qualities our quarry is supplying, Greco Marble SA team is here to guide you in the Greek natural stone world, here with focus on Volakas white marble.

Volakas white marble selection

Please find more information in our Products section: Volakas marble tiles, Volakas white marble in blocks and Volakas white squared slabs.

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