Volakas White Marble Slabs

Greco Marble SA undertakes all stages of production using its own private production facilities. Thus, we regularly purchase blocks of the Volakas white Marble, which are processed in our gang saws and then preceded to inspection and quality control of the slabs. Based on our categorization we provide custom high-end solutions to our valuable customers. Please have a look at our Volakas white marble slabs collection, locate your ideal selection and feel free to inquire.

We sincerely hope that you can visit our showroom and see in person our collection, we are more than happy to provide a tour of our factories.

Volakas marble slabs

We obtain a large inventory with selections of slabs that is updated regularly. Please also be aware that we trade blocks as well.

Volakas White Marble Slabs Pictures

Locate your ideal selection in Volakas marble slabs and feel free to inquire.

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